Lyric Arts Trio: Sarah Tannehill Anderson, Elena Lence Talley, Daniel Velicer

Sarah Tannehill Anderson, Elena Lence Talley, Daniel Velicer


All Souls Day and Dia de los muertos are times when we remember those we love that have passed on.  Join us on Sunday, November 6 at 2PM at the breath-takingly lovely Visitation Church (5141 Main Street, Kansas City, MO) when we premiere our new program, "Of Love and Remembrance."  This concert will feature Richard Strauss lieder, including "Allerseelen" (All Souls Day), Mahler's "Wir geniessen die himmlischen Freuden" (In the pleasures of Heaven we're joyous), Jean Belmont Ford's En la memoria Yda Lence and the world premiere of our newest commission, a setting of Maya Angelou's "When Great Trees Fall" by composer Charles B. Griffin in honor of Sarah Tannehill Anderson's late father. 

Love endures.

“A perfect blend of musical poetry and lyrics” wrote Tim Groth , Black Hills Chamber Music Society, about a Lyric Arts Trio performance. Elena Lence Talley, clarinet; Daniel Velicer, piano; and Sarah Tannehill Anderson, soprano, have delighted audiences throughout the Midwest with their technical and artistic abilities and wonderful musicianship. They project a warmth and pleasure in performing concerts crafted around a central theme, complemented by informal remarks about the music that both enlighten and entertain audiences. Look no farther for what Bertie Leigh Compann, Norton (KS) Arts Council, calls, “a concert of exquisite beauty.”